It is with great sadness that I have to announce Frogtown will not be hosting the Spiel of the Dead this fall due to the COVID situation.  The board felt it was just too risky and the logistics to try to host an event with over 150 people too difficult at this time.  So here is the preliminary plan.

Spiel of the Dead 2021 will be Oct 29-31 and you all have the automatic invite for 2021 by virtue of playing last year.  We also plan for 40 teams instead of the 32 we had in 2019 – go big or go home I say!  The theme will be “Welcome to Frogwarts”, so get your Harry Potter costumes ready to go.   The game format and hospitality will be the same as last year with hopefully some fun new additions.  

I really hope everyone is doing well during these crazy times and you can all get back on the ice at your home clubs this season.  Please let me know if you have any questions or already know of teams that may want to get on the list for next year.

Stay Safe and Good Curling


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