We all know that this is going to be a challenging curling season but we feel we have a good plan to allow for us to start curling in a safe manner.  Frogtown Curling Club will be reopening for curling in late October as usual and has established the following reopening guidelines based on information from the CDC and the USCA.  As we all gain comfort in this process, and assuming that the Twin Cities does not see a large resurgence in covid-19 cases, the Board will re-evaluate processes and make modifications to move the club to the next reopening phase.  

We are initially being conservative in our policies and we are optimistic that our members can play in leagues and use the facility safely. We will be revisiting these rules periodically. However, in the spirit of curling, we will need 100% compliance to these policies to make that possible and allow us to move more quickly to the next phase.  Before curling starts we will provide a detailed description of our COVID protocols and guidelines on how to practice distancing while at the club and while playing. Here are the highlights.

    • Masks required in the building at all times, including on the ice. Masks must fully cover both your nose and mouth.
    • Leagues will operate at 50% capacity.  3 games will be scheduled each week, leaving one sheet unused between each game for greater social distancing. (You will play every other week)
    • 8 end games
    • One-way traffic in the club. Markings will be placed on the floor to guide the flow of traffic.
    • One sweeper during throws. Opposing skip may not sweep any rock.
    • No use of locker rooms (bathroom access will be available). Come dressed for curling, and put shoes on in the clubhouse. 
    • Only curlers in the league occurring can be in the club.
    • Predetermined color and hammer.
    • No handshakes, elbow taps, or any other physical contact (but do still say GOOD CURLING!)
    • Post curling social time is discouraged and will be limited to 4 people per table for a maximum and 30 minutes.
    • No potlucks, no pizzas, no sharing of food
    • Bring your own beer or other drinks - no refreshments will be available at the club
    • No Bonspiels.