Sun 3:00 pm League

Sun 5:30 pm League

Mon 6:00 pm League

Mon 8:15 pm League

Tue 6:00 pm League

Tue 8:15 pm League

Wed 6:00 pm League

Wed 8:15 pm League

Thur 6:00 pm League

Thur 8:15 pm League

Fri 6:00 pm Mixed League

Fri 8:15 pm Mixed League

New this year. Mixed league is two men, two women. This is fun social league. Less about points and games and more about Friday night out at the club...

Upcoming Events

26 Jan 2019;
03:00AM - 05:30PM
FrogFest! Free Open House
16 Feb 2019;
2019 Polar Spiel
08 Mar 2019;
Frogtown Members Spiel