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Festivus Spiel 2022 is a Wrap

Replete with a boisterous Airing of Grievances, vigorous Feats of Strength, and an authentic Festivus Pole, the 2nd Annual FestivuSpiel was held at Frogtown Curling Club on December 23, 2022!!! 

Congratulations to the members of teams Serenity Now!, The Human Fund and The Anti-Dentites for winning the first, second, and third events, respectively, and to Lane Urtel who defeated the Head of Household (Tony Abbott-Kline) during the very first round of ice bowling!!

Thank you to all of the participants, volunteers and club staff who helped make this year's event a success.  Also, a special thanks to Bob DurkeeBen Brewer and Brandt Devich, all of whom showed up at the spiel to sub on short notice!  FestivuSpiel - a bonified Frogtown Festivus Miracle!!

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