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2nd Annual Aurora Women's Spiel Wraps up 2023

Everyone who curls at a spiel in Frogtown is a winner, but December 3, 2023 we had some extra special winners at the second annual Aurora Women's Spiel.
A huuuugge congratulations to Team Smith for winning the spiel and in case you haven't heard, the team also picked up an eight ender to make it a really memorable weekend!
  • 1st Event Champion - Team Smith (SPCC) - Margie Smith, Deb Dexter, Ali Creeger, Paggy Gazzola
  • 1st Event Runner -Up (2022 Champion) - Team Hoffoss (SPCC) - Theresa Hoffoss, Shelly Jinney, Jennifer Kamarainen, AmyLou Anderson
  • 2nd Event Champion - Team Weber (SPCC and Four Seasons) - Kari Gullickson, Ruth Taylor, Bev Weber, Lisa Bachmeier
  • 2nd Event Runner-Up - Team Baker -DeKrey (Frogtown, Fargo) - Laiel Baker-DeKrey, Mandy Erickson, Laurie Leonard, Jen Kliniske
  • 3rd Event Champion - Team Franzen (Wausau) - Shania Franzen, Susan Gould, Jordan Dinjer, Valerie Gorichs
  • 3rd Event Runner-Up - Team Lindgren (Dakota, Frogtown, SPCC) -Tracy Lindgren, Jeanine Perera, Jill Atchison, Loni Widmer
  • 4th Event Champion - Team Carry on My Wayward Stone (Frogtown) - Katie Cary, Rachel Olson, ill Webber, Abbie Finger, Jewls Granlund
  • 4th Event Runner-Up - Button Makers (Frogtown) - Ashley Sinner, Emma Schaeper, Jess Long, Alison Reist

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