Learn to Curl

There are a lot of resources out there these days for curling. Its popularity peaks with every winter Olympics, and there are soon to be 4 curling facilities in the greater Twin Cities metro area.

Curling Clinics

The curling clinics are the best way to get on ice instruction and the basics of the game. During a curling clinic you will learn the rules and sportsmanship of curling, and have some on ice instruction and practice time. See more information on the Curling Clinics page.

Best Resources for Curling Information

We have listed our favorite sites for more information on learning to curl. This should save you some time browsing and searching!

Basic Rules

Frogtown plays by USA rules. We listed some useful ones to get you started on our Basic Rules page.
See the USA Curling website for more information: http://www.usacurl.org/usacurl/


Curling is a friendly social game. You shake hands at the beginning. You shake hands at the end. During play you should not distract your opponent. Stand on the sidelines, near the center of the sheet, or on the ends behind the house. If you hit a rock you’re your broom or foot, YOU should say so; it happens all the time. More tips can be found on the Etiquette page.

Group Rentals

Want a get your own group together for a curling party? Visit our Group Rental page for details on booking your session!