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Want more curling? We've got that... we're keeping the ice plant running!  

1.       Six week spring league on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, beginning 4/2 and 4/4

2.       6:00pm and 8:15pm

3.       10 teams each, with a minimum of 8 teams required

4.       No club membership required

5.       Subject to weather and plant concerns, if cancelled prorated refunds will be given

6.       Ends 4/30 and 5/2 

Registration is open on the Event Page. You will need a site account to complete the transaction, so best to log in first.


Please note: This is experimental, this is the first time we have ever run the plant during the month of April. Therefore we have no idea what the ice quality will be like or how well it will hold up. Because of this we will be looking for input from the participants concerning the ice quality as well as how it has changed week to week. It is also important to note, that this is subject to weather/plant/ice conditions and could be cancelled at any time, in the event of a cancellation prorated refunds will be issued



Online- Sign In- See your schedule!

All league schedules are available under Member's Home menu options. What and where depends a bit...

If your user account has been connected to your team(s) you should** now see your upcoming games by logging in and going to the "Member's Home" page.You can also go to "Member's Home-->My Teams" see your team associations and from here you can also click to see "Team Schedule". 

Also you can get to all leages under "Member's Home-->Leagues Schedules and Standings"

PDF Links

If you want a link to the pdf schedules without having to login... here you go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OU5REwY3MkrX1V536Fb1aCIJxJhz7w3E

(This was an incorrect link before 1/15 at 5:30pm)


We calculate the standings based on Win/Loss percentage. The current system doesn't handle that. We're working on trying to get that resolved. We'll also be entering wins/losses into the websystem, so you will start to see those show up when you log in as well. You can see that under 'Member's Home-->League Schedule and Standings"


All the spiels, general schedule, etc.


Updates, Issues, Questions, and Such

It's a new system run by volunteers and we're still learning. We probably won't have answers for most questions at this point.

Questions Like- "What should I do if I'm not associated with my team(s)?" Good question, you can't self-fix it, but we don't have an operational procedure in place to fix it for you yet either.


The 2018-19 Frogtown season is well underway. Our curling leagues are full. This year our Sunday 3pm league went from 6 teams to a full 12 and we added a second mixed league every other Friday.

If you are looking for league information (schedules, etc.) - sign in and go to the Member's Home page.

If you are looking for a sub - check out the 'Find a Spare' feature. If you can sub, go to the 'My Sparing Ability' page and update your information.



Looking for the ultimate, one-of-a-kind taste of a Minnesota experience? Visiting or living in Minneapolis and Saint Paul?

Well, you can’t say you had fun in Minnesota if you don’t experience curling (or maybe eat a Jucy Lucy).
If curling is on your bucket list, Frogtown Curling Club has you covered! (We can help you pick a burger place too.)

Come join us for a three-hour curling and teambuilding experience in the heart of Saint Paul.
Frogtown is easily reached from anywhere in the Twin Cities.


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