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There is always a lot going on at Frogtown Curling Club. From bonspiel winners at home and away to happenings invovling our member community, we'll share it here.



Replete with a boisterous Airing of Grievances, vigorous Feats of Strength, an authentic Festivus Pole, and an abundance of Festivus Miracles, the 3rd Annual FestivuSpiel was held at Frogtown Curling Club on Saturday, December 23rd!!!  Congratulations to the members of Teams Serenity Now!Vandelay Industries, and Puffy Shirts for winning the first, second, and third events, respectively, and to the Anti-Dentites for winning the coveted consolation prize!  Also, a special mention for Tim Doherty who defeated the Head of Household (Tony Abbott-Kline) during the very first round of ice bowling!!  Thank you to all of the participants, volunteers, and club staff who helped make this year's event a success.
And hey, if you missed FestivuSpiel 2023, fear not!  FestivuSpiel 2024 is only a few short months away!!!
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Everyone who curls at a spiel in Frogtown is a winner, but December 3, 2023 we had some extra special winners at the second annual Aurora Women's Spiel.
A huuuugge congratulations to Team Smith for winning the spiel and in case you haven't heard, the team also picked up an eight ender to make it a really memorable weekend!
  • 1st Event Champion - Team Smith (SPCC) - Margie Smith, Deb Dexter, Ali Creeger, Paggy Gazzola
  • 1st Event Runner -Up (2022 Champion) - Team Hoffoss (SPCC) - Theresa Hoffoss, Shelly Jinney, Jennifer Kamarainen, AmyLou Anderson
  • 2nd Event Champion - Team Weber (SPCC and Four Seasons) - Kari Gullickson, Ruth Taylor, Bev Weber, Lisa Bachmeier
  • 2nd Event Runner-Up - Team Baker -DeKrey (Frogtown, Fargo) - Laiel Baker-DeKrey, Mandy Erickson, Laurie Leonard, Jen Kliniske
  • 3rd Event Champion - Team Franzen (Wausau) - Shania Franzen, Susan Gould, Jordan Dinjer, Valerie Gorichs
  • 3rd Event Runner-Up - Team Lindgren (Dakota, Frogtown, SPCC) -Tracy Lindgren, Jeanine Perera, Jill Atchison, Loni Widmer
  • 4th Event Champion - Team Carry on My Wayward Stone (Frogtown) - Katie Cary, Rachel Olson, ill Webber, Abbie Finger, Jewls Granlund
  • 4th Event Runner-Up - Button Makers (Frogtown) - Ashley Sinner, Emma Schaeper, Jess Long, Alison Reist

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While we are not a member club of the USA Curling organization, we are members of the curling community, and the recent turmoil in the broader community is an issue that affects us all. To that end, we feel it is important to ensure our values are clear.

We believe that curling is for everyone - regardless of age, race, or gender identity. We welcome anyone to our community, and strive to ensure everyone feels safe here. While it should go without saying, we want to state this clearly: There is no room for harassment, discrimination, or abuse in curling.

To support this statement, the board is in the process of adopting a code of conduct. To all those who have overcome harassment or abuse - we see you, we support you, and we stand with you.

-Frogtown Curling Club Board of Directors

Background: https://www.npr.org/2022/10/21/1130198383/usa-curling-is-in-open-revolt-over-its-ceo

Kevin Martin, Olympic, World and four-time Canadian champion, visited Frogtown Curling Club for the first time in the Fall of 2022 while in St Paul for the Lupus Spiel. After his skills and strategy clinics at the club he hung around and chatted, as curlers are known to do. During that time he was told the history of Frogtown's Sheet E and Sheet eH, which he retold during his next episode of the Inside Curling Podcast.

Click below to hear the segment about the Sheet-E Lounge from the Oct 19th epsiode of the Inside Curling Podcast. Inside Curling is available wherever you get your podcasts or visit their Facebook Page 

Read more for with photos and video of the Sheet eH and Sheet E lounge areas.

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