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Schedules, Standings, Playoffs, and Subs

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We've worked hard to make a fair and competetive schedule and championship structure while also meeting the needs of teams that 'just want to play the curling'. Review this article for info on Leagues, standings, playoffs, and subs. 

The short version: Every game counts in the standings and every team gets a "post season". The top 8 teams in the standings play in a bracketed playoff to determine the league champion. Not anyone can sub and not at any position anytime too, so be sure to review the sub rules before you need to recruit one.

League Schedules

A “normal” league for Frogtown has 14 teams.  There are six sheets of ice, which means two teams have byes each week.  We want to make sure that every team gets a chance to play every other team in the league, and that takes 16 weeks to complete.  We don’t let any open ice go unused, so during those 16 weeks, some teams will play 13 games (with 3 byes) and some will play 14 games (with 2 byes).  If you have two byes, that means you’ll play one team twice during the year.  It’s just the luck of the draw (literally) that determines who that team is.  That’s an unbalanced schedule, and doing it this way is something decided by our club from the very beginning.

We keep track of which teams have 3 byes each year, and try hard to avoid giving them 3 byes the following year.  It gets complicated when teams form and re-form, team names change from year to year, and teams move to different leagues.  This is also why we can't accommodate individual requests for certain bye weeks from teams. 

We’ve developed our own template that makes sure:
* Every team plays two or three times on each sheet during the year (Eh through E)
* Every team plays every other team at least once and no more than twice each season
* Every team has two or three byes
* There’s at least three weeks between any byes for each team (not counting club shutdowns)


Every game counts in the standings.  Whether you have 13 or 14 games, every game counts.  There are no exhibition games.  Even on the last week of the season, there are still some teams that are playing each other for the first time.  So please play all the games if you can, and make up the games you miss if at all possible. 

There are NO ties, whether in regular season or playoffs.  All games must have a winner.  If your game is tied after 8 ends (or if your run out of time), then resolve the tie by playing a short end in which each player throws a single stone (i.e. 4 total per team).

Please recognize that some teams don’t care about standings, and some teams care a lot.  Which ever way you choose to think about it is perfectly fine, but please be fair and reasonable with each other.  

Because teams play an unbalanced number of games, standings are determined by win percentage, not number of wins or losses.  That’s also how we resolve standings when we have weather-related club shutdowns, for example. 

Missed Games/Make-Up Games

If you have to miss a game, please take responsibility to contact the club manager and your opponents in advance. You can contact other teams directly through this site. Try to figure out a make-up time if at all possible. 

Any make-up games must be completed prior to the final scheduled regular season game as standings are finalized on that date.

  • If a team was a no-show, with no prior contact or warning, they get a loss and you get a win.  If this occurs, please inform the manager so the standings can be updated appropriately.
  • If games were cancelled by the club (e.g. inclement weather), by default the game is neither a win nor a loss for either team.  We encourage you to make up the game if at all possible, which would allow the standings to reflect the actual results.  Work with your opponents and the club managers to find a suitable time.  All make-up games must be completed prior to the last scheduled regular season game for your league (at which time the standings will be frozen for the playoff seeding).  We recognize that it may be impossible for some games to be rescheduled.  Thus some teams may have fewer 'total games' in the win-percentage calculation used to determine the final standings.
  • If a team can't make a scheduled game, by default the game will be recorded as a loss for that team and a win for the opponent (provided that the teams notify the manager which team has forfeited).  This will be true regardless of whether they contact the opponents in advance or not.  Again, teams are encouraged to reschedule the game, in which case standings would then be updated to reflect the actual result.
  • Please be courteous by communicating in advance to your opponents and the managers.  Note:  If a game is missed and neither team has contacted the manager, then both teams will have a loss recorded for the game until the teams provide updated information or the game is rescheduled and played later.  

Standings Tie-Break Procedure

If win percentage is exactly tied (down to the decimal point), tie-breakers (in order) are:

  • If two teams are tied
    • Best head-to-head record against each other
    • If still tied, coin flip
  • If three or more teams are tied:
    • best record against other tied teams
      • this may eliminate one or more teams or resolve to two teams being tied, per above
      • if this gets it down to two teams left, use head-to-head record of those two teams
    • if multiple teams still tied, coin flips


Every team has a postseason.  At the end of the regular season, the top 8 teams in the standings play in a bracketed playoff to determine the league champion.

The other 6 teams continue to play in round robin friendlies.

The postseason takes 3 weeks. After that, the league champions from all the nights compete in playdowns for the club championship.


Each team has 4, 5, or 6 regular team members (officially registered and paid) on its roster.  Any of those regular team members may play in any game, and may play any position (lead, second, third, skip).

Important:  When you are missing a regular player and need to bring in someone from outside your official roster, think about the position that your missing player normally or most frequently plays.  This will determine what position your sub can play (see below).  This is an honor system, so please be fair to your opponents.

     For Regular League Games
     You may use a maximum of two subs in a game; minimum of two regular team members.
     Your sub can play at or below the normal position of your missing player.
                      Example:  You are missing your normal third.  Your sub may play third, second, or lead.
     Your sub can be another Frogtown member from another team, or they can be a non-member.
                      Frogtown members are preferred, but feel free to share the Frogtown experience once in a while.
                      Please limit your team to a maximum of two non-member subs per year.

     For Playoffs and Club Play-Downs
     You may use a maximum of one sub in a game; minimum of two regular team members.
     Your sub can play at or below the normal position of your missing player.
     Your sub must be a Frogtown member.


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