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League Schedules

A “normal” league for Frogtown has 14 teams.  There are six sheets of ice, which means two teams have byes each week.  We want to make sure that every team gets a chance to play every other team in the league, and that takes 16 weeks to complete.  We don’t let any open ice go unused, so during those 16 weeks, some teams will play 13 games (with 3 byes) and some will play 14 games (with 2 byes).  If you have two byes, that means you’ll play one team twice during the year.  It’s just the luck of the draw (literally) that determines who that team is.  That’s an unbalanced schedule, and doing it this way is something decided by our club from the very beginning.

We keep track of which teams have 3 byes each year, and try hard to avoid giving them 3 byes the following year.  It gets complicated when teams form and re-form, team names change from year to year, and teams move to different leagues.  This is also why we can't accommodate individual requests for certain bye weeks from teams. 

We’ve developed our own template that makes sure:
* Every team plays two or three times on each sheet during the year (Eh through E)
* Every team plays every other team at least once and no more than twice each season
* Every team has two or three byes
* There’s at least three weeks between any byes for each team (not counting club shutdowns)

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